Even Big Brands Make Mistakes

Yada Newsletter–Even BIg Brands Make Mistakes—SEO Bloodbath.. In February Google updated it’s algorithm yet again. Now the reason for this is up for speculation but Google has said its to make a better user experience. In Google’s eye, they would like every search to serve up exactly what the searcher is looking for. Its earlier updates have always favored high quality content that creates a great user experience. I don’t think anyone would argue with that. I surely won’t or don’t. ,

Headless Mannequins and Live Bunnies plus setting up Google+ for your biz!

Google News-Google+ Business Pages–Video on how to set up!
By Laura
Google+ is gaining headway and this time I think Google has it right.There are many things that they are doing right. It’s a nice and clean interface-it’s easy to share information and sort friends and acquaintances but in my opinion the major advantage for business when it comes to Google+ is two fold:

Newsletter: Facebook Tops Google and Local Results Changed!

Marketing Fail of the Week Courtesy of Facebook Friend A good reason not to litter?? Facebook now TOPS Google by Laura CNN is now reporting that Facebook traffic had passed Google and in a hurry! My friend Ryan Deiss predicted this in January and man was he ever right. Now, Ryan has massed the largest […]

YYMI Newsletter Oct 26-A quick Update and a funny marketing fail

Marketing Fail of the Week Courtesy of Failblog.org Something tells me that the good folk in Salt Lake Utah didn’t realize they had a branding issue. It pays to check out a proof before going to print. The Cats Out of the Bag… by Laura In our last newsletter I alluded to a well known […]

YYMI Newsletter April 12, meet Moolah, my cash cow!

Marketing Fail of the week found by our own Steve Blom This one is wrong on so many levels.  It does, however, gives you an idea on why historically speaking advertising not trusted!  I suspect the drug commercials and ads of today will be seen in the future in the same sort of light. Don’t […]

The search game is changing…Yada Yada Newsletter Feb 2, 2010

The game is changing again…so what’s new? FEBRUARY  3, 2010 Marketing Fail of the Week Yes, we all need those don’t we? The game is changing again… What game?  The search game.  What we all want is traffic to our sites and results.  Over the last weeks many things have happened that have changed how we do […]

Social Media, Marketing and a Cup of Puppies Yada Yada Newsletter Jan 21, 2010

Social Media is all the rage… JANAUARY 20, 2010 Social Media is EVERYWHERE… I’ve been saying this for some time as you all know, but social media is  here to stay and it has changed how we interact with our customers and friends.   Do keep in mind though that social media is not a replacement for other […]

New Years Issue Yada Yada Newsletter Jan 6, 2010

New Years Issue! Entering a New Decade Blast from the past.  This is a clip of Nile Rodgers on Tech TV talking about PCDJ.  PCDJ is DJ Software and I founded that company back in 1999. Who is Nile?  Well he’s one of the most prolific producers of all time–Madonna, David Bowie, Diana Ross–not to […]

How do u prevent adverts and newsletters from coming to ur spam and inbox?

Could you please gimme a lil’ help with that, because I’m tired of deleting soo many emails from my account……. thnx! STOP opening them! Opening spam alerts the sender that your address is a valid one and they send you loads and loads more. You can not completely stop all spam, but you can help […]

Marketing Bloopers, Tarzan and Leg of Lamp! Yada News Dec 28, 2009

The Marketing Bloopers Issue !
Those of you who know me realize I have an interesting sense of humor. I see it in life, and I see it in marketing. This issue is a collection of things I’ve encountered this year that just don’t make sense from a marketing standpoint. I hope you enjoy!