Gaining New Customers

[dropcap1]W[/dropcap1]e had some questions come up for a service business that wanted some advice on how to market and price themselves at some trade-shows.  This in turn led into a discussion about the correct sales funnel for most businesses. Here’s  our two cents below: Q. Hi Steve, we are a service business that is about […]

Alternatives to Google Adwords and MSN Adcenter

Sometimes Advertisers need some alternatives to Google Adwords and MSN Adcenter, whether to augment their search campaigns or because there is just too much competition for their keywords or various other reasons. So if you are looking for additional traffic, where can you go and what are your best options? The big problem is that […]

Increasing Opt Ins for Ecommerce Sites

How to increase your opt ins and mailing list if you have an ecommerce site. Retailers are constantly up against pricing pressures in the PPC arena, from their customers AND their suppliers. One of the great equalizers is if you have a big mailing list. When you have a big email list and you can […]

Website and Ecommerce credibility logos

How do I get people to trust my website?

One of the most important things on the internet if you actually want someone to pay you, is trust. On all the major websites, especially the ecommerce websites you will find various logos from different third party vendors that show that the website operates their business fairly, protects consumers information, stores the data in the correct way, and are verified to be who they say they are. For merchants considering these logos its hard to put an exact dollar value on what its worth to establish the trust factor, but many of the vendors of these logos claim conversions go up 5-30%.

Here’s a rundown of all the major vendors out there and if you find any more you are welcome to send an email to steve at and fill me in on any new ones you found and share any results you had with using these logos.

Why you got the Google Slap

THE GOOGLE SLAP Every once in a while someone comes to us who got “Google Slapped” or even outright banned by Google and asks us to help. There are several different types of slaps with different levels of severity ranging from higher minimum bid prices on your keywords, to reduced ad serving, and on down […]

Improving Lead Generation

How to get more sales and leads This page is going to focus a little more on lead generation since we have another guide specifically for e-commerce at While there are many different types of websites with different goals, the two big ones on the internet are lead generation and ecommerce. With a lead […]

Ecommerce Advice

Ecommerce Advice for merchants by Steve Blom,  author of the Google Adwords 30 day Boot Camp, VP Yada Yada Marketing and Certified Pay Per Click Professional For ecommerce merchants who are looking to increase their revenues, here is some useful information: First of all, if you are right in the middle of a holiday season […]

Why MLM is a bad idea

We set up this page to refer people to that want to know why we don’t take on clients involved with Multi Level Marketing otherwise known as MLM,  either on a corporate level or for individual distributors. The basic reason is we want people to win and to succeed, and the deck is stacked against […]