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ALTs often have a lot of free time at school. Today was such a day for me – because of end-of-the-term scheduling, I had no classes to teach today.

It’s funny to think that someone would complain about having free time at a job, but I understand and empathize with new ALTs who grumble about not having anything to do.

I’m lucky since I always seem to have stuff to do, and I keep myself busy with many ongoing projects at my schools. But I too struggled my first year as an ALT, wondering what I should be doing when I have no classes.

One thing I came up with is a variation on the newsletter you see me discuss in this video. I’ve made all kinds of newsletters for my students over the year, addressing a variety of topics and including everything from games and puzzles to art projects and brain teasers and contests and interviews with their teachers, etc, etc.

As I mention in the vid, I used to work in advertising, and the process of sitting down with a blank sheet of paper and designing the layout and finding the right balance of materials, graphics and text appeals to me, and I really enjoy making these when I have time.

Anyway – I hope some of you find it useful.


Duration : 0:8:6

[youtube GbnTy0yYkbg]