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I want to know about the Social media marketing.
How can we do that ?
what are the procedure is there ?
how to do?
What is this ?
is it related to SEO?
If its related mean how?

At the SMX Social Media Conference, I provided these 20 take-aways about social media on my blog…

To avoid duplicate content, here are three of them, you can link the rest.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is terrific for link building, not for conversions. This is a major change for many marketers to internalize and incorporate into their offering.

SMM requires incredible organization on the part of the marketer. Both to keep track of a campaign and to make sure not to break out of acceptable tribal ‘participation.’

SMM link building requires a keen eye for linkbait that relates to your marketing goals and finesse to make sure it’s not overtly sales-like in presentation…

the rest are on my blog…– the post is linked.