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I have a design template in photoshop format, and would like to create PDF newsletters. What would be the best program to use in order to easily add, remove, and manipulate the textual content? What would be the best format to put the photoshop design template in?

I’m just trying to make my work as easy as possible. Any help is appreciated.


Use a page-layout program or a word processor with advanced layout capabilities. If you don’t want to spring for expensive commercial software such as InDesign or MS Office, try the following free programs.

* Page layout: Scribus ( )
* Word processing etc.: NeoOffice ( ; Mac only) or OpenOffice ( ).

Once you have the layout done, it is extremely simple to create a PDF file. Mac OS and Linux have this capability built right into the OS — look for the PDF button in the standard Print dialog box.

On Windows, you’ll either need to use your application’s Export to PDF feature (if it has one) or get a PDF writer such as PDFCreator ( ), which will let any program create PDF files (just like on Mac OS).