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My company had some bad experiences with some SEO Companies. I would like to know the way to find a professional SEO Company which can deliver the result.. Thanks

There are bunch of companies out there thinking they do SEO w/o having a clue about Internet Marketing..

How to choose a professional SEO Company?

1- Check their (SEO Companies') sample rankings with competitive search terms..use to see if their search terms are really competitive.. Bunch of SEO companies shows ranking with tricky search terms nobody use…
2- Call their top ranking clients to verify if they are real, and ask about the benefits they are getting from SEO services..
3- Find out how long they have been doing SEO…

To find a good SEO Company…
Let me tell you how one of our clients found us.
He is a real estate broker in a city here in South Florida. He wants to work with an SEO Company who does not already serve to his competitors..That is why he used yahoo search by using another big city name which has more competition "Miami Real Estate"
and found out who handles their SEO work..and contacted that company (us). He knows we can even do better work for him.
btw same client of ours is #2 on Google #1 on Yahoo.. I will be more than happy to show you our clients' rankings..

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