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I operate Google Adwords now and I am considering offering this service to other people. How do I gain Certified Status and is there a living to be made out of this?

I was recently thinking about this. You need to meet a certain minimum Adwords spend (easy enough if you are really using it) and then pass a test. There is individual and company certifications, they are the same except you need two or more people to get the company one as far as I know.

I guess this could help you get over the line with some clients. It’s really about who your customers are and if they would value this. If I was a customer I would rather see results in my industry than any certification. To me certifications in IT just tell me that you know or have memorized the book, practical experience will always win the day in my books.

Anyway you can get started now by converting your Adwords account to a multi-company account which allows you to manage your own and clients accounts more easily as they are all within the one login.

Oh almost forgot, I think you do get some sort of bonus $ credits based upon your clients spend only if you are certified. You can use these for yourself or for signing new clients.

Anyway checkout the links if you haven’t already. The second one is what you need to know.. there is quite a bit!