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I have been using Printshop 20 (way outdated I know) for all of my small projects, but now my boss wants me to do her company newsletter and brochure. Printshop is not the right program for such a big job!! I need a program that I can easily e-mail the project or save to disc so that I can take it to a printing company. NOT an easy task with printshop!!!! Any suggestions would be appreciated!! Thanks!

Have you thought about upgrading your Printshop 20 to version 22 or Print Shop Pro? We're still using Printshop 22 for all of our office newsletter needs.

You might want to consider using Microsoft Word or Open Office and using a good newsletter template. Microsoft Office (Word) has many free good newsletter templates.

Ask your local printer what type of format they prefer that you save your document in. There's generally a favorite.

Good luck!