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I am post graduate of mangement student. So, please help me to rectifi my doubt. then what are the Marketing segmentation of fruit juices beverages in Indian market.

Mkting mix i.e; product price promotion n place in my opnion it comes undewr FMCG(product),as i really dont know the segmentation means qty u r offering i cant give options( price ) u can mkt it by advertising it through various channels of advertising (promotion) as uknow it is a product which will be liked n most used y the urban area users it is no use that u do its ad in rural area so concentrate on urban areas(place)
* nowmkt seg :oooommm u should target the customer base in urban areas as in our tipical villages ki dont think so ki u'l get much notice u should hardwork in designing or making add suggest any ad maker 1 thing more in urban area u should target people bet age group of 15 -30 as these people keep watch on there health more than others n they go gim n they pay more attention on their health in comparison to others and also u should target school going ones