YouTube announced that the winner of its Ad Blitz contest is Chrysler, for its Super Bowl commercial, which featured Eminem driving around Detroit. The contest was based on viewer votes. 

"It’s been about two weeks since the Super Bowl aired, but our ears are still ringing from the noise of advertisers jockeying for position in Ad Blitz, YouTube’s contest to find the best Super Bowl ad," said Suzie Reider, Display Advertising Director at YouTube.

"It was a great Super Bowl for mobile this year, with over 3.5 million views of the Ad Blitz channel happening on mobile devices," she said. "We received over 2.7 million votes, and in the first 30 hours after the game aired, commercials were viewed 47 million times."

At the Ad Blitz gallery on YouTube, you can see the top 5 videos, which came from Chrysler, Doritos, Bridgestone, Doritos (again), and Doritos (yet again). 

So while Chrysler may have taken the cake, Doritos has to feel pretty good about getting three separate spots in the top five. Pretty impressive. 

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