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I mean, I have a website and I want to contact a professional SEO agency or a professional SEO developer. How much would it cost me?And how much per hour a SEO professional would cost me?Do they charge you per keyword, hours, links? Thanks everybody!

They usually say stuff like they wioll continually work to get you on top of google for a certain keyword and quote you for that keyword.
Some guy quotesed me $2000 for my EPOS site for the keyword EPOS.

But hey, it doesn’t matter now. Google have released their new Web search where users can redfine the order of the SERPs how they see fit. There is no ‘top of google’, just make your website cool and let it grow through your local community. Only way from here on in.

By by $1bn SEO indusrty, Google F’ed you in the A!