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I have one written by someone with a deep-value style. It usually takes a few months for his picks to turn around. It might be that nothing much is happening in this market anyway. This letter might be what I need because of the low turnover. But I wonder if I need to find another letter with a different style of investing.

None. IMHO, you should start by learning how to invest, determining WHAT to buy through Fundamental Analysis and determining WHEN to buy with Technical Analysis.

IMO, newsletters only make narrow recomendations based on their system of analysis and investment strategies, and often they are compensated heavily for their recomendations and therefore dangerously biased. I firmly believe that to get a clear picture about any stock, and to determine whether you're actually going to invest in it, it's best to do your own research and adapt a system that meets your investment needs, style and risk level. There are many stocks ripe for the picking just about at any time if you know how and where to look.

Start with, it's William O'Neil's online version of Investors Business Daily. The How To Invest section is the best place to start learning the importance of Fundamentals and the basics of Technical Analysis. The site has the IBD 100, a cross index list of the market leaders, the Stock Checkup, a great tool for checking fundamentals on any stock, and articles and analysis of stocks and general market conditions. They also run various screens every day which in addition to the other lists, (IBD100, New America, stocks under $10, CANSLIM select, ect) are very helpful for finding investment ideas with solid Fundementals that are ready to move. The CANSLIM method alone is a very successful and popular trading system, but I prefer to use a combination of Fund & Tech Analysis, rather that just the rating system alone.

From there you can move on to more detailed study of Technical Analysis.

Start with, they have an excellent free Chart School which helpfully explains various chart patterns and Technical Indicators and overlays. Pay particular attention to the Chart Patterns section, and make sure you learn about Zig Zag patterns, Bollinger Bands, Moving Average, Volume, RSI, the MACD (Mac-D), The Williams %er, Stochastics, and the Chaikin Money Flow. Sounds complicated, but when you start chart reading you'll want about a half a dozen or so of these overlays and indicators. I personally rely heavily on the ZIG-ZAG, MACD, Chaikin Money Flow, Volume, Moving Average and RSI. is also an excellent Technical Analysis site, with charted Fibonacci resistance and support lines and will tell you if the stock is bullish or bearish in the short, medium and long run. The site also has an extensive Candle Pattern Glossary and a fantastic technical screener.

The above sites do have premium services, but all the services I mentioned are free. After you've absorbed some of the Technical information, do some reading on Fibonacci numbers and Elliot Wave theory, there are good links in the "School" section of I've been using Elliot Wave and Fibonacci's to help refine my in and out points.'s "ZigZag" overlay helps me plot and count the waves and that helps determine where I am in the overall pattern.

So basically I'll find interesting stocks through the screens on or, run them through the Stock Checkup at, if they measure up I'll run them through the Analyisis & Fib Analysis at and do an extensive chart study, examining the 2 yr, 1 yr, 6 mth, 3 mth, 1 mth & 5 day. I'll also do my due dilligence, studying the profile, key statistics, headlines, etc. through Yahoo Finance and web searches. If it all measures up and the stock is in a base or in a pull back and it's starting a wave 1 or wave 3, it's time to buy.

Remember, always protect your downside with a stop loss or a trailing stop loss. Once you have absorbed a few of the things I've mentioned, the fog will begin to lift and you'll start seeing which stocks should be bought or sold and you'll be able to do your own analysis on any stock, no matter where the recomendation comes from, be it a newsletter, a hot tip or God himself.

Wish someone would've told me this stuff 20 years ago…lol

Good luck, hope it helps.