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MySpace has introduced new tools to help musicians better promote and mangage their music.

MySpace has partnered with marketing platform Reverbnation and will offer its FanReach email marketing tool to all musicians with a profile. FanReach allows artists to communicate with others both on MySpace and via targeted email campaigns.

Myspace Music will also be offering artists  a  stats tool that provides an overview of their fans, their music plays, and their profile visitors and allows them to track fan activity on their Myspace, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter pages.


New Tools For Artists From Myspace Music

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Additionally, Myspace music introduced new song embedding functionality that will allow artists to share their music with fans on the internet to play directly in-line.

“Myspace music has always been about nurturing and facilitating the relationship between artist and fan; FanReach is an important addition to our growing arsenal of music products that help artists own a direct communication with their fan base,” says Courtney Holt, President of Myspace Music.

“This is a continued commitment on our behalf to build tools that enable artists to leverage the Myspace platform to effectively manage their presence across the web.”