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This Tutorial has been done on a 5.00 M33 CFW but i have now the 5.00 m33-3

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the new 5.00 m33, 5.00 m33-3 is out!
and i have recorded some great features of it all of the homebrews apps and other stuff will work that are for 4.01 M33-2 and the CXMB is Working

if you want to know how to put cxmb 3.3 on your psp for 5.00 m33,5.00 m33-3
click link below:

Download link for the 5.00 M33 CFW:

5.00 m33-2 bug fixes

– Popcorn bug fixes

* Fixed bug that caused some games with certain icons not to work, and caused document.dat not to work.

* Fixed critical bug that caused continous corruption of psx games in RAM.

– Core bugfix: Fixed sctrlKernelSetInit* functions not working.

– M33 network update doesn’t work in 5.00 M33, fixed.

– Added the posibility of loading version information from the file flash0:/vsh/etc/version.txt

By default is disabled. If you enable it in recovery, you could for example dump 5.01 firmware,
copy the version.txt from it to the flash, and bypass firmware check restrictions like those that
may be in psn, etc.
This will also fake official network update (not m33 one), and running the update eboot (again, not m33 ones).

– Plugins configuration file format changed.

The new format is as follows:

* There is no more conf.bin file.
* Now each line in vsh.txt game.txt and pops.txt will have a 0 or a 1 at the end. 1 indicates
that the plugin will be loaded, 0 (or anything else) that it won’t be loaded.

Entering in recovery in 5.00 M33-2 wil automatically convert the old format configuration
to the new one (this may cause a delay first time you enter in plugins because of conversion).

– Added options under advanced configuration that allow enable/disable of plugins in a certain configuration.
By default they are enabled.

5.00 m33-3 bug fixes(better download this one)

– A bug was introduced in 5.00 M33-2 that made some games and homebrew not to work.
– PSN version check is now automatically bypassed without need of touching any setting.

Download link for 5.00 M33-3

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Duration : 0:7:1

[youtube DLAMcpmt5pM]