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Google Tech Talks
April, 10 2008


Social Recommendations will change both the lens through which we see the world as well as the manner in which we experience it. Everything from the media that we consume to the events we attend will be influenced by hyper-relevant results delivered through hierarchical social relationships. This talk demonstrates current efforts to integrate social relationships into recommended user experience including SoMR, the Social Media Recommendation API.

Speaker: Dan Carroll
Dan is the Director of the SoMR (Social Media Recommendation) project and the CEO of imp, the Intelligent Media Platform. Dan has worked in magazine and book publishing, labor organizing, and at a public policy think tank. He holds a patent in digital media distribution and writes the blog Dan lives in Mountain View, California and serves on the boards of Echolocations and InRadio.

Duration : 0:40:58

[youtube l-w-1Et2E5g]