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What are laws/rules towards using the logo of a website(like myspace, facebook, etc) to promote your profile on you website. For example, I want to put their logo on my site to link to my profile on theirs. I know facebook has a badge but I’m having trouble finding ones for myspace, flickr, youtube, squidoo, and twitter. If you have a link to theirs than that would be great. If you can answer the legality too that would be awesome.

To the extent that your incorporation of the logos suggests endorsement or sponsorship of your website, your use would be trademark infringement. I would be cautious about incorporating logos into your website without permission. However, merely mentioning the websites by name without the logo is likely nominative fair use.

That being said, I'd be surprised if any of the websites you mention would strictly enforce trademark infringement in the example you describe. Also, they might have explicit terms for using their trademarks for linking purposes.