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Hello there!

This is the first of my video newsletters!

In this newsletter the SUN closely follows what I am talking about it. It is very interesting! I did not plan or record this vudeo multiple times to get this effect, the Sun was literally following what I was saying!

I discuss how GIVING is the way to ease many of your relationships in life, and make people like you very quickly.

I discuss my monthyl remote healing sessions with Anita Briggs, which you can sign up for if you are interested. Email me at for more info.

I also talk about my Emotional Healing coding, c113. Here is more information about the c113 remote healing coding:


Remote Healing Video

Video about How Remote Healing Sessions work:


Remote Healing Codings

These are healing body-codings you can order on my site!

Energetic Protection (c111) – This coding helps strengthen your aura and your magnetic field and helps you maintain your energetic boundaries. This coding thus helps you maintain your truth and be who you want to be!


Prime Creator Identity Restore (c112) – This coding helps you reconnect to your Highest Self, Prime Creator, and anchor the energies of your Soul-Self into your body. Thus you are enabled to perform your Soul’s mission in this world. This coding helps you be true to yourself and do what you came to this world to do!


Emotional Healing (c113) — This coding helps with emotional healing of all kinds. This coding helps you release grief, clear dysfunctional relationships, establish new and wonderful relationships, release co-dependency and become emotionally self-sufficient, and much more. This coding stimulates the energy body / emotional body, your lungs (to release grief), and the womb/prostate organ (second chakra / orange chakra) to help you feel happy being here in this world.



DNA Activation / Pineal Gland Activation

Video about a free Pineal Gland Activation technique, which is a DNA activation technique:


How to Heal Yourself

Video about the process of Self-Healing:

Victory to You!


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