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I thought I’d spend a few minutes going over an interesting discovery with regarding website conversions.

As you probably know, we almost always suggest putting a lead form on all websites. We also suggest that a phone number is prominently displayed on the site.

In addition, we add statistic tracking to the site so we can see what specific keywords brought the person to the site and which of those keywords were the most effective for gaining a lead or sale.

Now, most of you know how paid search works. You do some research on how people are searching and what competitors are doing, place some ads and if your research and ad are done right, you will get a percentage of the people clicking on to the target website.

That is the first threshold of what needs to be cracked so to speak in order to get an efficient campaign.

Now, what if you’re getting traffic and you are not getting leads or sales?

There are a few potential reasons for this:

–Your website is not designed for conversions. Some sites, although aesthetic, are really designed for PR purposes, not to sell.

–There wasn’t enough market research done in the first place so that certain elements such as price point are not right.

–There was no optimization done (split testing, and work done on these specific pages designed to make them convert.)

–There is no market for your product (which would have been known if market research was indeed done.)

–The site is really is converting and you didn’t know it…Huh? How could that be? You might be thinking, I have my tracking set up correctly, so how could I be missing conversions? Simple, when you omit the phone calls that came in as a result of your web promotion, you are painting a false picture on your conversion tracking.

This is not hard to see when you realize that your most interested people will CALL and not fill out a lead form. So, how do you figure out which calls are a result of your web promotion? Well, you could ask everyone who calls religiously where they found out about you, but in reality, not many organizations will do that when really busy.

We found a great resource for doing this, an online telephone center that gives you a toll free number. Not only does it give you reports of who called and when, it gives you the ability to forward to any phone (including your cell) in essence creating a virtual office.

When we started to add this to our conversions we found out we were way more successful than we realized. In some cases as much as eight calls to one lead form.

So, the lesson for today, is to really monitor your conversions, you need to make sure that the calls in are accounted for.

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Till next week.